Rat Trap x 2 pack
Rat Trap x 2 pack
Rat Trap x 2 pack

Rat Trap x 2 pack

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The Hell Cat Rat Trap (Double Spring Loaded SnapTrap) – Hands-Free Version.:

You never need to touch the rat, as there is a quick-release pedal at the back.
It has a speedy snap action, with a sensitive trigger.

Small removal bait trap for easy refill with non-toxic bait.
Set the trap in one easy motion, using your foot or hand, by pressing down on the pedal until the trap clicks.

To remove dead rodents merely depress the pedal.
Unscrew the bait cup from underneath the trap to reload, never having to touch the mouth of the trap.

Can be fastened and attached to poles, pipes and other difficult areas, where you would not be able to use normal traps.

The Trap should only be set in areas not accessible to children, pets, or birds.

What's in the box:
2 x Rat Traps, each with small removal bait trap