Current ETA for bulk items: 2-3 working days. We deliver with an 8 ton Tipper Truck.

About Us

Why Essential Compost?

At Essential Compost we use a time proven aerobic process to formulate our 100% organic products.

To ensure an optimum growth rate, the ratio of carbon to nitrogen is carefully controlled. We use fast decomposing "brown material" to achieve the required C:N ratio.

No green material such as grass trimmings or leaves are used in our process!


Our compost is regarded as being a "medium strength" compost and therefore will not burn plants, lawns and foliage with excessive Nitrogen release but will sustain optimal release over a longer period.
Through regular compost pile maintenance using aeration and moisture regulation, we can ensure that the activators and microbes in the mix are kept alive and in optimum decomposing temperature and thereby eliminating any strong odors.
Our mix is light and easily transported, stone and sand free and with no large pieces. Mixed with a good quality top soil the compost produces a lawn dressing mix suitable for any landscaping application.

What our customers say about us

Thank you for your contribution to keeping our Gardens picture perfect every year- Fairlawns Hotel, Sandton

Best of the best- Grassland Nursery & The Friendly Plant 

  You make us look good - Terrabella Landscaping